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At Bales Performance Horses we focus on training the horse as well as the rider.  As an NRHA Professional, Marty Bales focuses on training horses from start to finish while concentrating on the horses health and well being.  Marty’s program offers many diverse training options including starting colts, problem horses, Reining training for both horse and rider from beginner to pro.  Marty is knowledgable and fun to work with, keeping her clients upbeat and challenged.  Although Reining is Marty's specialty, her talents are not limited to just one discipline.  This gives Marty the ability to help all riders in any discipline.

At the age of 17, Marty began her professional career by becoming an assistant trainer, working with numerous championship professional trainers.  Over the years, Marty has learned to communicate well with both horse and rider.  Marty tailors her program to fit each individual horse and/or riders needs.  The philosophy of Bales Performance Horses LLC is to train the horse and rider to their highest potential, while keeping the horses’ health and well being paramount.  


Marty formed Bales Performance Horses LLC partnering with her mother Phyllis and her father Glen in January 2012.  As non pro participants, Glen and Phyllis handle the administrative work allowing Marty to concentrate on training horses to the highest level of their ability.  Bales Performance Horses LLC is family owned and operated.  Bales Performance Horses LLC also buys and sells Reining horses.


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